Components, Billing, Delivery, New Customers, Disclaimer


If the customer chooses to utilize components furnished by I.T.S., there will be a 10% charge on that specific component. The customer needs to note in the work order if I.T.S. will be furnishing the components for the project.


Billing Policy

  1. All orders must be accompanied with an appropriate work order. Fabrication will not be initiated without a corresponding work order with a PO number or project name.
  2. Independent Tech. Service, LLC. has a net 30-day billing cycle. Invoices over 30 days are subject to 1 ½% (18% APR). Customers with any open invoices over 60 days are subject to C.O.D. on all further fabricated items until the full invoices over 30 days have been paid.
  3. Independent Tech. Service, LLC. pricing is subject to change. There will be credit and discounts awarded based upon volume. I.T.S. will continually have specials on various projects or seasons.
  4. All collection costs and attorney’s fees that are incurred by I.T.S. in an effort to collect payment shall be paid by the company in default with I.T.S.


Delivery Schedule

Independent Tech. Service, LLC. prides itself on the highest quality of craftsmanship and service. In house turnaround time on most projects is typically 3 to 4 days. Day of arrival does not count on fabrication time. Arrangements can be made for same day or next day turnaround. There will be a $50.00 charge for 24 hr. turnarounds. The 24-hour turnaround is not always available. It is dependent on stock of components, project involved, and technician availability.


New Customers

All new customers must fill out the credit application and the payment policy to establish the net 30-day billing cycle. Until the credit application and the payment.

Policy agreement are signed and faxed back to I.T.S., all projects for that customer will be billed C.O.D.



All prosthetic and orthotic devices fabricated by Independent Tech. Service, LLC. are done so in accordance with measurements and instructions provided by the practitioner of a given Prosthetic and Orthotic company. I.T.S. cannot guarantee fit, due to the fact that our technicians are not present at time of casting or impression taking. I.T.S. has no knowledge of the physical state or diagnosis of any patients for whom these devices are manufactured. The Prosthetic and/or Orthotic Company and the practitioner are solely responsible for these factors. Please inspect all manufactured items upon receipt. All errors, defects, or damage must be reported within 30 working days. I.T.S. guarantees quality of all goods fabricated by our lab. In the event you are not satisfied, send the project back and Independent Technical Service will fabricate the project again at no charge. Independent Tech. Service, LLC. prides itself on the highest quality of craftsmanship and impeccable service. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, do not hesitate to call us and let us know. You, the customer, are our primary concern.